The Return of Autumn and Autumn Hiker

Autumn is back, and so is Autumn Hiker!  This blog has not been updated in a few years, but that’s about to change.  This time, it’ll be featuring more autumn hikes and fall foliage. I also plan to provide more useful information for autumn hiking, from tips to suggestions.  Best of all, there will be more creepy hikes this year in celebration of Halloween.  

Why make such a big deal about autumn hiking?  The weather is cooler, and nature offers its most vibrant colors to hikers.  It’s the perfect season for campfire stories, especially with Halloween right around the corner.  And best of all, most insects go into hibernation.

Join me as I enjoy some autumn hikes across the southeast, southwest, and possibly in a few surprise locations.  

Stick around. This season is going to be epic.

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